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Personalized Gifts

Is it always about an organization branding itself? – is a question that most employees often ask about their gifts! Not always… even corporate gifts are given to affirm a relationship, to express love, to thank an employee, congratulate successes, or to give encouragement. Giving a personalized gift to the employee helps to connect with them shows that the organization cares just that much more.

Choose from our collection of personalized photo frames, pens, flowers, t shirts, mugs, caps, stationery, key chains, cakes and other items

City Specials

Gifts from city represent the culture and the ethnicity of the city. Gifting employees and clients and their families the city specials especially when they are on travel, reminds them that the organization is also thinking about them and creates positivity towards more travel and more cities.

Choose from our collection of Hyderabad city specials including pearls, biryanai, pulla reddy sweets, karachi bakery biscuits, Ramoji Film City tours and other city specials from other cities too


Sometimes just a single gift does not convey the feelings of gratitude, appreciation, celebration and motivation. Parade employees with multiple sets of weekly/daily/hourly gifts that keep escalating their excitement and happiness… through continuous sequential gifts of serenades

Choose from our collection of range of serenades that you can surprise employees for their birthdays, anniversaries, appreciation notes, long service achievements, spot awards, and motivation , etc

Organic Foods

Encouraging employees to maintain an organic lifestyle not only helps to enhance their health, but also helps them contribute to the environment since growing foods organically excludes, when possible, the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, additives, etc.

Choose from our collection of organic and healthy food item options

Go Green Items

Going green at work is no longer an unusual idea. In fact, companies of all sizes are getting on the “sustainability” bandwagon. By giving eco-friendly gifts, organizations can help employees improve their health, contribute to the environment, improve your image, save money and attract eco- conscious customers.

Choose from our collection of go green & recyclable bags, apparels, glasses, mugs, baskets, plants, and other items

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