Employee Life Cycle Moments


Recruitment Offer – Know our company

  • Company brochure
  • A pair of roses
  • 1 piece of personalized stationery – like a key chain
  • Fridge magnets
  • A paper desktop with values of the company listed
  • Greeting card – saying congratulations on the job offer

“The 15 to 30 days after giving the offer letter is where companies lose most candidates they recruit – to competitors and due to lack of engagement”


Campus Recruitment Drive

  • Pens
  • Notepad
  • Brand awareness tools
  • Key chains
  • Company badge

“Campus Recruitment Drives provide a platform for the organization to meet the aspirants and pick up intelligent, committed youth who will become valuable assets for the company”


Long service awards

  • Momento
  • Certificate
  • Engraved citation
  • Framed achievement awards
  • Serenades – as many days as the years s/he is in the company
  • Thank you card

“Recognizing the employee’s loyalty and commitment to the organization helps in adding years of work and bonding to the organization”


Joining Day – Welcome to the company family

  • Employee data form (important birthdays, anniversaries, parents’ n spouse’ n children’ names & details)
  • DVD with induction, brochure and details of the company
  • Stationery kit – pen & notepad
  • Cake for the team
  • 1 utility item – like laptop bag or backpack
  • Company t-shirt saying “I am a xxxx”
  • A table top item with values of the company engraved
  • Greeting card – saying welcome to the family

“Make an employee feel part of the family on the day of his/her joining by sharing key culture of the organization”


Exit Interviews

  • Stationery kit – pen & notepad
  • Certificate of employment
  • Values statement card
  • All the best pin / badge
  • Company key chain
  • Thank you for the service rendered card

“Exit interviews, usually perceived negative, are a fantastic way to leave the employee with a positive thought and notion of the organization”



    • Collage of photos of various moments in form of company logo
    • Citation
    • Company key chain
    • Flowers
    • Movie tickets
    • I am a “xxx” badge
    • Thank you for the service rendered card

“As employees retire, they reminisce about the fond days in the company. Make these memorable and easily shareable with a simple set of gifts”

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