Conferences & events & seminars

  • Momentos
  • Stationery kit
    • Pens
    • Notepad
  • T shirts
  • Id card and laneyard
  • Conference bag
  • Bookmark
  • Key chain
  • A relevant book to read
  • Conference souvenir / journal
  • Company badge
  • Group photo

“Conferences, events & seminars are opportunities to not only increase networking through interactions but also enhance branding of the organization”


Sports Day

  • T shirts
  • Awards and trophies for winners and runner up
  • Certificates for all participants
  • Souvenir badge / pin for the day
  • Uniforms for players and coaches
  • Caps
  • Wrist bands

“Celebrating sports day not only creates a refreshment from day to day activities but also brings out the athletic capabilities of individuals along with promoting a healthy lifestyle”


Cultural Fests

  • Competitions
    • Awards
    • certificates
  • Talent show
    • Clothes
    • Prizes
  • T shirts
  • Cultural theme
    • Backdrops
    • Badges
    • Standees
  • Flowers
  • Sweets

“Opportunities to showcase unique talents other than the regular work experience help employee feels more them-selves and individualistic and recognized in their




Customer Day

  • Laptop bag
  • Table top mobile or pen stand
  • T shirt
  • Momento from customer
  • Signed thank you greeting card from client
  • Paper desktops with values of company and client organization

“Celebrating the association with a customer and client with all the employees present especially when a specific customer is there on location or on special
days of the client, helps in increasing a feeling of connect an belonging with the customer organization”


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