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    Gifting Happiness unwrapped itself in June 2013, the Founder Mr. Prashant Jain visualized an organization that would symbolize his firm belief that “Gifts always bring happiness along with them“. This belief, as it grew into an executable thought, became the inspiration to create this interactive gifts portal. We deliver cakes, flowers, and gifts within Hyderabad, and other major cities of India. We are a customer-centric company that delivers gifts quickly, easily, conveniently, and on time, every time. Our aim is to give flight to your feelings, and deliver your emotions in a tangible form, much to the delight of the recipient. We know how valuable emotions are, and how one’s heart races in wanting to communicate the same to their loved ones.

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    Our Vision

    Our vision is to be the preferred vendor for all daily, regular, and occasional gifting needs. Our desire is to be synonymous with the idea of gifting for individuals and organizations and be recognized for our quality and friendly services.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to magnify the happiness and joy of both sender and recepient. We run the extra mile in doing our job with a human touch at every level. We believe that we are here to deliver not just the flowers, cakes and chocolates, etc but also your deepest feelings that you cherish the most – your emotions. When you send your love, wishes and happiness, we handle it with the same care, joy, responsibility and timeliness that you would. We understand that a gift by any name is still an emotion – a feeling that uplifts both the giver, and the receiver. We encourage people to gift for no specific reason. The joy of an unexpected gift is far more special than a predictable gift given on the occasion of a birthday, anniversary, achievement, or festival. The best gifts are those that are spontaneous and impulsive. A gift is not just tangible. It is an emotion translated off a hug, a blessing, a pat on the back, a handshake, or a shoulder to cry on. A gift is a celebration of everyday happiness for no reason, and a way of making any day special. There is no day that can’t be bettered with a gift. Say it with flowers, cakes, chocolates, a gift voucher, a memento, a card or a personal note.

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